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MEET KARLA The Makeup guru and Mastermind behind it all! Every idea starts from Karla and her whirlwind mind is always coming up with new ideas and shades to release. The true definition of a Boss Babe, Karla does it all; with running her business, being a mother to Leonardo and a wife, hard work and dedication are Karla's middle names! When shes not building her empire, shes keeping the office jam-packed with top notch snacks.

My favourite KC product has to our handmade Shadow Potions created here in our UK lob. My first ever experience was in the shade Snooze! The combination of the long wear gel and pigmented multichrome eyeshadow make it so easy to create the quickest and easiest smoky eye! The colour changing eyeshadows give mo the illusion I've spend an hour contouring and highlighting my eyes - they are magical!'



The wizard behind the business side of it all & Karla's beloved husband! There from the start in 2013, he continues to support Karla's sparkly dreams, bringing them to life. Through his mounds of skills, we still believe his top one is his coffee making techniques!

'My favourite KC product has to be our HUSH Multi-Purpose Moisturiser which is handmade here in the UK. It's lightweight but powerful and doesn't leave any residue allowing me to use it every morning & evening. It keeps my skin hydrated and soft and a little bit goes a long way! The easiest addition to my day.'

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Creative Director

Queen of customer service and keeping us connected to our KC Family, its Karla's real life sister! After travelling the world and running out of adventures, Steph joined the KC team and is the backbone to the brand!

Keeping us all in check and the cogs turning, Steph has a hand in everything that goes on. When shes not tapping on her laptop she's being the best dog mom to Buddy the Beagle! 7\4y favourite KC pigment has got to be Pillow Fight from our Opal Multi-chrome Range. I love how versatile it is and how much I can switch up a look with the some eyeshadow. From a sheer sweep of highlight to a bold, opaque finish - it's my go to shade. The gold to neon orange tones are the perfect finishing touch for a sun kissed look, which 1 love!'


Product Developer

The swatch queen. After working with Karla on different jobs for the last 10 years, Grace understands Karla's ideas more than anyone else. Miracles are born when their brains come together and their work is infused with nothing but passion and creativity. When she's not creating magic with Karla, you can guarantee she'll be singing every lyric to any 90's song in the office.

`Day Dream Original Multichrome has to be my favourite! I love the warm bronze)/ tones and the colour shifts remind me of a sunset! The pigment is so opaque, but silky soft and easy to blend so great for making an im-pactful smoky eye.'

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Creative Production Assistant

Little Miss Organisation (and the QUEEN of the tastiest lunches!). Soph is the one to keep us all in check when it comes to stock levels and making sure we are ready for our new launches so we can bring extra goodness to you!

My favourite KC pigment is Sherbet Pastel Duochrome! I love wearing shades of orange as it compliments my blue eyes and makes them pop. Sherbet shifts in lots of different tones of orange, from peach to gold and gives my makeup a glow! It's the perfect eyeshadow for the summer and a staple in my makeup bag.'


Lab Assistant

Our Marvel loving lab hero! Pui is a magician when it comes to creating the finest products. From a tattooist background, her attention to detail is second to none and she loves to bring Karla's wildest ideas to life. We can always count on Pui to share the best cat memes and have the quirkiest accessories at KC HQ.

'My favourite product is Lucky Charm from our Opal Moonstone Range. The way it catches the light reminds me of sitting on a beach sipping cocktails watching the sunlight glint off the ocean. It appears green at first glance but once it catches the light, I love how all the other colours pop! I also love how you can wear it sheer or built it up for an opaque finish, its so versatile!'

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Creative Production Assistant

The enchanting wizardess working behind the scenes. With an unwavering eye for detail, she ensures that our pigments are primed and ready to spread their beauty across the globe. Thuy adds an extra sparkle to our daily life at KC HQ. Her passion and dedication bring a touch of magic to everything she does, making our products truly shine. She constantly spoils us with the delectable delights of her Dad's freshly baked Vietnamese cakes.

'Nightfall pressed is my favourite product and it can be found in the opal pressed range. I love how it can be used as a day/night look and also as a highlighter or if that isn't enough even applying on the nails is my sparkly trick for nail lovers.'