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Dream Together

Karla Cosmetics is brought to you by International Award Winning Make-up Artist Karla Powell using her many years experience in the industry she has developed products aimed to help you reach the top of your game in the make-up industry.

Her passion for make up and creating industry leading products is at the heart of everything at Karla Cosmetics. Karla's passion for make up began as a young girl at fair grounds, where her Dad would have face painting stands. Her dad gave her a make up book & it became her obsession. "I remember I would read this book every night and study the pictures, I just knew that I loved make up, what you could do with it, how you could transform someone, I was mesmerised' 

Karla went to college and studied makeup and beauty, she followed this up by becoming a teacher where she would enjoy inspiring the next generations. Karla ran a successful blog which was spotted by one of the leading make up companies in the UK and was offered a job in London and became their make up ambassador.

Her work also included product development, which was where Karla felt her skills were best applied. Karla would take up a similar role a couple of years later for a make up brush company before heading back home to the Midlands in 2013, late that year Karla Cosmetics was founded.  

When Karla isn't developing new products she is best known for her creative make up looks that have reached far and wide. Karla Cosmetics has a growing fan base, from London to New York, Paris to Sydney.