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Unleash the magic of surprise with our exclusive Surprise Mystery Box, curated by makeup artist extraordinaire, Karla Powell. With so many shimmering, multi-tonal options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which shades to try. That's why we've taken the pressure off and created this special box, filled with our best-selling Fix Potion and 6 hand-picked surprise items. Trust in Karla's artistic expertise and let her do the choosing for you, we guarantee that you'll fall in love with every shade in your box. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover new favourites and elevate your beauty game with the Surprise Mystery Box.

What will be in my box?

We try to include different items from across our ranges which could be: an Original Multichrome, an Opal Multichrome, an Opal Moonstone, a Pastel duochrome, a Pressed Multichrome, a Shadow Potion or a Glitter. We hand-pick items that will give the receiver a great range of Karla Cosmetics shades and a taste of all the amazing products we have to offer.  

So why not see what Mysteries could await for you?

Surprise Mystery Box Contents Value £125+ 

What if I get something in my box I don't like? Can I exchange the item?

Unfortunately no. We can't exchange or refund items from a Mystery Box.

Will there be duplicates in my Mystery Box?

If you purchase more than one Mystery Box in an order, you MAY RECEIVE DUPLICATES between those boxes. However with everything hand picked from Karla, there will always be different items added in to every single mystery box sold. These item are not eligible for refunds.

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