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New! Ultra Fine Holographic Glitters - Karla Cosmetics

New! Ultra Fine Holographic Glitters


Ultra Fine Holographic Glitter Collection

brand new ultra fine holographic film that produces a brilliant 3D glitter effect when viewed from different angles, with 3 rainbow shifting colours to choose from.

Regular glitter reflects light which is very pretty but our ultra fine holographic refract light. When the light hits the glitter , it doesn’t just bounce the beam of light back, it bends it, fracturing the light into all the wavelengths of colour in white light.

That’s exactly how rainbows are created! So are you ready to start creating rainbow inspired makeup looks yet? Why choose one to wear on your skin when you can have them all!

For best results , layer over our best seller glitter glue Fix Potion.  

No Glitter Spills

With every glitter purchased you receive a removable hole dispenser lid which opens and closes. It’s your choice if you wish to add this on top of your glitter pot to secure any glitter spills when travelling with your Karla Glitters. The hole dispenser ensures you can dispense glitter evenly when working with detailed work. After all we don’t want you crying over spilt glitter! All Glitter Hole dispensers will come separately.
Safety Notice
Safe on skin. Avoid direct contact with eyes.
Think About It!
We are committed to a green planet & our environment, please discard glitter correctly by placing into the bin, not into the drainage system.


Vegan-Friendly | Cruelty-Free


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