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Dark Soul Glitter Collection - Karla Cosmetics

Dark Soul Glitter Collection

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Dark Soul Collection

The Dark Soul collection includes two unique shades perfect for anyone with a gothic streak in them. Both shades have a combination of glamour and whimsy for the upcoming holiday season. We believe this collection screams supermoody!

Options are available to buy the glitters as singles or in a set. 


Our Special Effects Glitters are custom mixed & hand-made in the U.K. Our vision is to create custom blended, unique, never before seen shades & finishes!

Our pigmented Crystalline Glitters are designed for special effects, which provide a vinyl finish, especially when paired with Fix Potion

The variety of colours within the collections come in different finishes; Holographic, Duo-Chrome, Multi-Chrome, Multi-Tone, One-Tone and Two-Tone. *Each glitter finish is stated next to the shade name on the dropbox menu. 

No Glitter Spills

With every glitter purchased you receive a removable hole dispenser lid which opens and closes. It’s your choice if you wish to add this on top of your glitter pot to secure any glitter spills when travelling with your Karla Glitters. The hole dispenser ensures you can dispense glitter evenly when working with detailed work. After all we don’t want you crying over spilt glitter! All Glitter Hole dispensers will come separately.

Safety Notice
Safe on skin. Avoid direct contact with eyes.
Think About It!
We are committed to a green planet & our environment, please discard glitter correctly by placing into the bin, not into the drainage system.
Bulk Glitters
Need a lot more glitter than a small pot? Maybe you have a body painting event coming up and a big bag of glitter is needed. Please email us to discuss more on customising your size of order to determine the price of glitter or click here to see available glitter bags we sell!


Vegan-Friendly | Cruelty-Free


Designed & Developed by makeup artists Karla Powell & Grace Coole-Green.

*Model wearing glitter shade 'Moonlight Mirage'.

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