Neverland Shadow Potion | Silky Gel Eyeshadow


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Neverland Shadow Potion | Silky Gel Eyeshadow
Neverland Shadow Potion | Silky Gel Eyeshadow
Neverland Shadow Potion | Silky Gel Eyeshadow
Neverland Shadow Potion | Silky Gel Eyeshadow

Perfect for capturing the magic of Neverland! Reminiscent of a dreamy night sky, this eyeshadow is perfect for those who love to indulge in bedtime stories of Peter Pan and his magical adventures. With just a swipe of your brush, watch as the colours transform and transport you to a world of enchantment and wonder. 

Neverland Colour Shifts -

Timeless treasure green, zesty lime, radiant gold

Neverland has a black base with highly metallic, colour-shifting reflective tones. 

Our Shadow Potion is the epitome of originality, uniqueness, and innovation, and it was the pioneer of its kind in the market back in 2020. With just one effortless swipe, this silky smooth pigmented colour-shifting formula renders a distinctive multi-dimensional finish. Additionally, this gel-based product glides seamlessly on the skin, delivering an opaque, long-wearing, and crease-free application. Each Shadow Potion is handcrafted to deliver intense metallic colour shifts and dries down to a flawless, long-wearing, and crease-free finish.

No two Shadow Potions are exactly alike! Each one is individually crafted, which makes our Shadow Potions that extra bit special!

How To:

Take a tiny amount of Shadow Potion with a flat brush. Apply to the desired area with light pressure. 

Keep layering gel to create an even tone. The magic formula will allow you to blend seamlessly into the skin to create an easy smokey shadow effect.  Karla recommends a fluffy synthetic brush to blend the shadow outwards. Wait 1 minute for the gel to dry out. Watch the formula dry to a smudge- free multi-tonal eyeshadow! Or why not try a multi chrome graphic liner with a thin liner brush? 

Did you know? 

Shadow potion is the perfect base for all your KC pigments?! Infused with the same magic as Fix Potion, it’s crease-free and long wearing formula will intensify and adhere anything applied on top. 

Use for quick eyeshadow application

Use for eyeliner


Vegan & Cruelty Free

Paraben Free

Hand-made in the U.K

Keep me for longer!

Karla recommends a simple care guide to get the most out of your Shadow Potion Gel Eyeshadow. Due to the delicate, handmade formula, please  store in a cool and dry place - the fridge is perfect! Avoid leaving it in extreme heat or by a window, and always keep the lid tightly closed. This will prevent shrinkage and the product from drying out.

Skin Test

For your safety, always perform a patch test before using Shadow Potion. A patch test involves applying a small amount of the product on a discreet area of skin, such as behind your ear or on the inside of your elbow. Wait 24 hours to check for any signs of redness or irritation. Keep in mind that even normal skin types can be irritated by cosmetics, so it is always best to be cautious.

Due to the eyelids being a sensitive area, irritation may occur for a few seconds, if irritation persists discontinue use and apply cold compress to eyes.

Recycled Glass Jar *

(Check with local authorities to see if they offer collection facilities for plastic lids)


Aqua, Mica, Silica, CI 77491, Glycerin, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin Polysorbate 20, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder, Sodium hydroxide.

3ml 0.1 fl oz 

Neverland Shadow Potion | Silky Gel Eyeshadow
Neverland Shadow Potion | Silky Gel Eyeshadow
Neverland Shadow Potion | Silky Gel Eyeshadow
Neverland Shadow Potion | Silky Gel Eyeshadow

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

There's nothing to dislike, the beauty of this product is that it last more than 10 hours without reapplying it stays on long without smudging or bleeding into my forehead, I use it as a duo on my eyebrows and it stayed on perfect all through my work shift. I've used it as eye makeup as well and it held up All night without reapplying.

Haya Nassar
amazing product

I have been using it as an eyeliner with a brush. I have to say the product is amazing, it really shifts in color as you move or light hit it. the consistency is great and easy to handle and draw lines with it

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