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Multichrome Collections
Multichrome Collections
Multichrome Collections
Multichrome Collections
Multi Chrome Eyeshadows - Karla Cosmetics

Multi Chrome Eyeshadows

A collection of unique super fine colour shifting loose eyeshadows. Each shade name inspired by bed time! To create the multi-chromatic mirrored effect the powder must be applied over a primer or mixing medium. We recommend our best selling Fix Potion. Only a small amount is needed due to the extreme payoff. A little goes a long way! Our unique pigment can change up to 4 different Multi tonal colours, depending on which angle and light you are looking from. Unlike duo-chrome they do not interface with each other, which gives them that extra special finish. 

Loose Multi Chrome (Original Chromes)

Karla recommends using a dense brush with a tap or pat motion to apply the pigment over a sticky base (Fix Potion) rather than swiping onto dry skin. Or use your brush wet (with fix potion) then dip into the pigment so it grips to the brush perfectly ensuring you get the best multi chrome effect onto the skin. The pigment will then dry ensuring the magic Fix Potion formula locks the eyeshadow into place all day long. 

No Pigment Spills; With every loose multi chrome purchase you receive a removable hole dispenser lid which opens and closes. The hole dispenser ensures you can dispense the pigment evenly when working with detailed work.

  • Premium Quality
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free 
  • 100% finely milled Loose Powder
  • Safe on skin
  • Avoid Direct Contact with Your Eyes


In case of hypersensitivity to one of the components and/or redness or other skin manifestations discontinue use immediately.

Please note; 1gram is an indication of weight. Pots can appear half full due to the super fine milled pigment settling over time.


Light Sensitive ingredients. Direct sunlight will wash the colour shifting colours. We find a natural and low light will display the colours correctly.

Snooze – olive> bronze> pink> purple
Day Dream – burgundy > rust> green> bronze
Lullaby  – green > blue > purple > pink
Midnight – vivid purple > midnight blue > pink
Night Terror  violet > magenta > olive> bronze
Neverland – emerald > grass green> blue teal> gold.
Siesta  lime green> grass green> blue
Story Time – olive green > silver > lavender> grass green > gold
Slumber Party  – purple > indigo> blue> bronze  
Bed Bug  – grass green> olive> gold> bronze  

Gift Sets
Fantasy Collection: Includes 4 Multi Chrome Loose Eyeshadows shades: Day Dream, Snooze, Lullaby, Night Terror
Stardust Collection: Includes 5 Multi Chrome Loose Eyeshadow shades: Slumber Party, Lullaby, Bed Bug, Day Dream, Night Terror
Mythical Collection:  Includes 5 Multi Chrome Loose Eyeshadow shades: Siesta, Day Dream, Lullaby, Snooze, Slumber Party






Multichrome Collections
Multichrome Collections
Multichrome Collections
Multichrome Collections
Multi Chrome Eyeshadows - Karla Cosmetics