Kraken Ink One Tone Glitter


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Kraken Ink One Tone Karla Cosmetics
Kraken Ink One Tone Glitter
Kraken Ink One Tone Karla Cosmetics Kraken Ink 15g Bag

Shimmer like the depths of the ocean in this mysterious shade! 

Our classic glitter in one super sparkly tone, the perfect addition to any eye or body look! With a main base colour that has a metallic shimmering overlay, you will leave a sparkle everywhere you go! 

>Deep Teal

Our dazzling Special Effect Glitters, handmade and custom mixed in the U.K with a gleaming spectrum of colours.




How to Apply:

Apply over Fix Potion for best results. 

  • Pat a small amount of Fix potion where you want to apply your glitter. 
  • Wait a few moments for it to go tacky. 
  • Pat your glitter over the top using a brush or your finger. (Our silicone brushes are perfect for glitter application!) 
  • Brush off any excess. 

Top tips:

Tilt your head forward when applying glitter on the eye to stop the fallout from going onto the face. Don’t forget to brush the eyelashes too, as glitter can collect here and then fall onto the face when blinking. Use Sellotape or masking tape to dab off any glitter fallout on the face. 

Pot & Bags

Glitter Pot- 2.0g

Our glitter pots come with a hole dispenser that keeps the glitter safe and makes it easier to dispense the right amount of product and minimise wastage. The small diamond pot design makes it them easy to travel with, as they don’t take up much space and the dispenser helps to prevent any spillages.

Glitter Bag- 15.0g

Perfect for those who intend to cover a larger area of application, such as the body. The bags are transparent making it easy to find the colours you are looking for quickly, while the flat shape makes them more compact in a professional kit.

Think About It:

We are committed to a green planet and our environment, please discard glitter correctly by placing into the bin, not into the drainage system.


Non Biodegradable & Not Cosmetic Grade Glitter. In case of hypersensitivity to one of the components and/or redness or other skin manifestations discontinue use immediately.


Polyester Film, Aluminum, Polyurethane, CI 71145, CI 21108


Kraken Ink One Tone Karla Cosmetics
Kraken Ink One Tone Glitter
Kraken Ink One Tone Karla Cosmetics Kraken Ink 15g Bag

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