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**PRE ORDER** FIX POTION - Our Vegan Friendly Primer - 5* Reviews - Karla Cosmetics

**PRE ORDER** FIX POTION - Our Vegan Friendly Primer - 5* Reviews



In response to the coronavirus outbreak, a number of countries we ship to have measures put in place.

We believe any orders placed on our store at this moment will potential impact ship operations. Meaning we can’t guarantee when your item will be shipped and sent. Please be patient whilst we are staying at home to keep safe. We will now make all our items PRE ORDER ONLY. We will notify you when we will ship your item safely. Thank you for your continuous support.



The Possibilities are Endless with Fix Potion

Award Winning make-up artist Karla Powell’s first ever cosmetic product is now available! Fix Potion is truly magic and is your answer to all your glitter & loose powder makeup needs. We even love it for setting and grooming brows. It’s a must have product in your kit!

Vegan-friendly Fix Potion is a silky crystal clear light-weight gel, with a semi-matte finish ensuring your glitters, pigments and eye shadows stays put, neatly with minimal fallout! Designed to adhere every speckle of glitter making your pigments and glitters pop evenly onto bear skin. If you want to add other loose pigments or glitters on top of your makeup looks, you can with our special formula, double layering will not ruin or affect your makeup designs underneath.

Formulated with Aloe Vera, ensuring your skin feels moisturised & comfortable when wearing glitter & eyeshadows all day long. Why not try Fix Potion to groom & set brows for an editorial fluffy brow that holds its shape all day long? The Aloe Vera ingredient contains a compound called aloenin in that promotes hair growth too! 

How To Use

Apply a thin, sheer layer (Less is more) with a synthethic brush or finger and apply to the desired area of the skin or body. Let Fix Potion DRY or use it slightly tacky. Now is the time to gently apply your chosen glitter/pigment over the area of Fix Potion placement. Fix Potion will keep your loose pigments, powders and glitters on all day & night! Or why not try adding your favourite shimmer or matte eyeshadow over the top of Fix Potion! It will bring your shadows to life , locking the shadow into place all day long. Finally a clear eye primer that won't disturb the colouring of any of your eye shadows. 

BROWS-  Use a small pea size amount of Fix Potion on a clean spoolie for the perfect amount of product groomed through the brows gently brushing in upward strokes. For best results- We recommend applying Fix Potion after you apply your brow makeup.

How To Remove

Easily removed with soap and water.

Other Uses

Glitter Adhesive| Grooming Brows | Mixing Medium | Eye Primer | Brow Hair Growth


Contains 15ml of Fix Potion in each Glass Jar.

Fragrance Free| Vegan-Friendly


Fix Potion Info/Tips

  • Perfect for those with hooded eyes! Use it as an eye primer, it will ensure your eyeshadow doesn't transfer, locking the eye product in place all day long.
  • Fix Potion ensures your glitters  & pigments stay smudge free & waterproof. 
  • Take a small amount of Fix Potion and comb through your brows to set, style and groom brows.
  • Formualted with Aloe Vera which encourages Glitters & Pigments to feel comfortable on the skin all day long. 
  • LESS IS MORE. Apply a sheer amount of Fix Potion onto the skin to achieve the best effect
  • You can use Fix Potion as a Mixing Medium. Customise your own eyeshadows by adding a loose pigment into a pea size amount of FP. Or why not create your own glitter paste by adding glitter to the clear formula. 
    • Safe on Face & Body. Always patch test If you have sensitive skin or working near the eye area. 
    • The open glass jar ensures easy access to Fix potion for when applying large amounts of Glitter to the body & hair. Ensure you wash your brush every time you double dip into Fix Potion.
    • Fix Potion dries completely dry and clear, leaving a semi-matte finish to the skin. 
    • Contains minimal ingredients mostly natural to avoid irritation to the skin.
    • Fix Potion is a quick drying and crystal clear formula.
    • Our Black and metallic gold packaging cardboard boxes are made from recycled card and the paper covering is made from sustainable forests. Made in the U.K. Perfect to keep Fix Potion secure in your makeup kit. 


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