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China Rose Karla Lashes By Eldora - Karla Cosmetics

China Rose Karla Lashes By Eldora


China Rose. Natural, full and thick lashes with a feline flick at the outer corners. To ensure a perfect fit, these strips are sections into individual pieces, and may be applied as one, or split into portions for a custom result. To avoid peeling at the edges, shorten the strip at the ends, or for a subtle cat-eye look simply add a single section to the outer corner of the eyes.

Karla lashes by Eldora comprises four styles that range from supremely natural to fantastically dramatic. Each strip is knotted and feathered by hand, and secured onto a clear, undetectable base strip that moulds to the lash line for superior fit and comfort, without weighing the eyes. The lashes are shaped to taper at each end, following the natural curve of the lashes for a beautiful, eye-opening result.

In order to ensure a perfect fit, the strips are sectioned into individual pieces, and so can be applied as whole strips, shortened (to prevent peeling at the edges), or applied solely to the outer corners for a subtler result – a truly a customisable product that offers the best of strip and individual lashes.

Each set is wholly re-useable and comes housed in a sleek protective box, alongside expert step-by-step application instructions and a few industry tips from Karla. 

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